Bulan Nararya: When Soul Anatomy As Complex As Physical Anatomy

Bulan Nararya

By Marisa Agustina (Translated by Danang Kawantoro)

As complex as human anatomy, as complex as it is as well the non-physical condition of human being. Psychology. This subject becomes the main idea of BulanNararya novel, written by SintaYudisia.Here is Nararya, or with childhood name Rara, a mental therapist who works in a mental health care who is the central character in this novel. As a therapist, it does not mean that Rara has a personal life which is free from problems. It is the other way around as a matter of fact. Rara has problems which is no less complicated just like her clients. If a broken marriage, that has been going on for 10 years, sounds so heartbroken to a mental therapist then a betrayal from a bestfriend as if completing psychological burden she has to bear. Angga and Moza, the two names that turn into bitter pills in Rara’s life.

Everytime I’m remembering Angga and Moza, something feels shattered, shredded, and broken. The point where I realize, if it is not because the strength of the soul and the ability to seek solution then a mere human can go insane. (Page 33)

Raratries to be tough. A whole stacks of theories about psychological control, like it or not, must be applied by her own self for the sake of keeping her sanity. One of her distraction methods is by forcing herself to overwork. However, no choices, at one point of preservation, she is having a mental breakdown eventually when she finds out that her former husband while in fact have married her bestfriend. At that point, Rara even feels herself is starting to have schizophrenia. She is starting to hallucinate! She finds herself frightened because she finds a pool of blood and rose petals are scattered around her working room at the clinic.

The psychological condition which declined drastically making Rara’s work performance at the clinic is having a free fall as well. Mrs. Susan, Rara’s superior, even offer her to be transferred temporary to another department. It is hard for Rara to accept it. Because afterall there are several patients to whom Rarahold special values in her life;Sania, Mr. Bulan, and Yudhistira. Not to mention Rarais in the middle of battlingfor a breakthrough of new method to cure the patients of mental disorder in that clinic. Instead of depending only on pharmacology, Rara believes that the patient is able to recover through transpersonal therapy; a healing with the concept accepting human without a term. Mrs. Sausan does not fully agree on the method that Rara suggested to be implemented at that clinic.

Other than Rara who is the main character, other characters around Rara are thick characters as well. For example, Yudhistira who is having rehabilitation therapy for schizophrenia. When Sara is having hallucination due to mental pressure she has, this kind of thing becomes some sort of irony because all of this time Rara is handling Yudhistira therapy.

“A great therapist,” said Mrs. Sausan slowly and softly, “is not them who is able to handle everything but the one who knows how to ask helps from other people at some points. (Page 101)

Even through Mrs. Sausan character the author skillfully slide in powerful sentences that rising enthusiasm up. The reader as if be served effortlessly the tips to move on. For example, in a dialog where Rara is experiencing restlessness because of his former husband is still contacting her, playing with her melancholy trait.

“No need to read between the lines,”Mrs Susan as if reading her mind. “Your fondness in finding what is hidden behind will get you troubles. Just use the concept here and now. Things that in front of you only. That’s it.” (Page 93)

In this novel, other than serving nutritious reading about psychological disorders, the author explores cultural tradition a lot as well. Aside from Surabaya as a main story setting, Palu is also a secondary setting which sucsessfullybe depicted beautifully. Everything is threaded into a captivating story and fruitful of life lessons.

Besides, even though the plot is for adult but this novel is courteous in using their diction. Therefore all ages are safe to read it. Furthermore, the mild gripping suspense is successfully built by the author when describing Rara’s hallucination. Based on all of those, no wonder this novel wins the 3rd winner in writing completion, “Tulis Nusantara 2013.”

Title   : Bulan Nararya

Author           : Sinta Yudisia

Publisher        : Indiva Media Kreasi

Published on             : September 2014

Thickness    : 256 pages, 19 cm

ISBN                : 978-602-1614-33-4

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